Joyful Modern Woman

Where we learn how to reconnect with our joy as modern women.

What is Joyful Modern Woman?

Coaching and Community for Modern Women.

It is time to change the story of modern womanhood.

Releasing the superwoman fantasy and the idea of “having it all” and embrace our humanness that is imperfect and wonderful.    

Creating a yummy life that is way more sweet and salty than bitter.  

This is a space to make that shift with the support of friends that are doing the same.

This is a small community of women that want to reconnect with themselves and begin to add back joy into the drudgery of their day.

This is for you if you find yourself saying things like…
… blah blah blah same old thing
… I don’t have time for this
… I don’t know why this is my responsibility
… I used to be fun

This membership is a little different.

For this first opening, your membership includes:

  • TWO(2) 30 minute 1:1 coaching sessions each month*. 
  • ONE (1) Group coaching session each month. 
  • Access to a community to ask questions and ask for support.

The cost for this first opening is $50/month

There are a limited number of seats for this first opening.

*For each consecutive month you are in the membership or 12 months (which ever ends first)

Kim Santee

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