Spirit Week

Starts August 29, 2022
Think of how fun Spirit Week is for your kids!  What if you felt that way in the morning?

Think of the last time you had two hours to yourself without any housework or anyone to take care of. How did you feel  afterwards?

Spirit Week for Moms is about harnessing THAT feeling.

All for $17

Spirit week is all about celebrating the heck out of you.

During Spirit Week for Moms you will build a toolkit so that when you run out of coffee, the cat pukes, and your 3rd grader tells you about a project that is due today (during breakfast) - you can be present, less irritated, and even (sometimes) LAUGH at the craziness that is family life. 

> Have you yelled at the kids on the way out the door?  
> Beat yourself up for laundry that didn't get done?  
> Or delayed filling out the paperwork for one of your kids' activities so now you have to pay a late fee?

I get you.  

It is time we change the story of modern motherhood.

If you woke up this morning already tired and you started scrolling rather than face the day - this is for you.

Over SPIRIT WEEK we will be creating a yummy life that is way more sweet and salty than bitter.

When was the last time you laughed until you couldn't catch your breath?

That is the kind of thing that makes life worth living!

After Spirit Week, you’ll be getting through the mornings without snapping at your family and through the afternoon without any tears, and hopefully learn to laugh again.  

Instead of resentful - you’ll feel resilient and joyful again!    

Modern motherhood is missing a lot of the JOY.

In fact, when I ask moms, "What do you do that lights you up inside?"  I often get a blank stare.

These moms are going from moment to moment living for everyone else.  

Everyone jokes about mom forgetting to pack a lunch, or fill out a form, or forgetting to pick up something at the store. 

Those people never celebrate all of the lunches she packs, forms she has filled out, or items that just magically appear because mom makes them happen (I'm looking at you bandaids).

When things start falling through the cracks it isn't a flaw in you, it is a sign that you've reached your freaking limit!

You've ignored your own needs, wants, and dreams until you are:

  • Frustrated * 
  • Overwhelmed
  • Resentful 
  •  & Guilty

To name a few recurring themes.  

This leads to things like one of the most famous events from my childhood where my mom picked up the piece of bread from my plate and threw it at my forehead.

I didn't realize then, but it is clear to me now that she needed some support, encouragement, and more than a little compassion.

It is like the kid behind you yelling, “Mom! Mom! Mom!” when you are talking to another grown up.    

You can’t go on ignoring your needs indefinitely -  any more than you could the screaming kid.  You deserve your own attention.  

This is the EXACT steps you need to not be the next mom throwing bread at your kid's forehead.

Along the way you will get back in touch with your silly side.  
The one that appreciates bathroom humor and loves a good story.

We have to start by inviting joy back (and it isn’t as simple as booking a spa day or a date night).  

If you’ve been talking to yourself like ass for weeks, months, or years and want to stop,   then

Spirit week is where it starts.

The Logistics

Spirit week is like a pep rally for you!

There will be lots of options, but you choose what works for you.  You will have access to the materials as long as the course exists.   You will have access to a workbook, supplemental materials and 2 LIVE calls.  There will also be a BONUS popup Facebook group for Spirit Week.

What we WON'T be doing:

  • Food prep ideas 
  • Time management hacks 
  • Laundry tips 

What we WILL be doing:

  • Letting it be OK if we are pissed or sobbing or silly or whatever in the moment so we can start to feel like REAL people again. 
  • Allowing imperfection and honest interactions with others (like saying No when Karen asks about PTA again).
  • Taking time to yourself without any guilt so that we can get off the productivity cycle that we can NEVER win.
  • Listening for our shitty stories about ourselves and our experiences so we can start to question and change them.
  • Getting to know who this new post kids version of you can really be (no bread to the forehead or shoes thrown out the minivan window needed)

If you would love to find the humor in the little things again, then Spirit Week is where it starts.

Kim Santee

Charris Avelino


I feel like I have the space to breathe again.

From the first question she asked to the last. I felt validated, challenged, and released from some of my own beliefs and chains holding me back. 

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